Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Carolyn & Jesse hosted the 2nd Annual Novruz Celebration: the Islamic New Year that is celebrated in Azerbaijan. They made some of their favorite foods (plov, cutlets, dolmas, & bahklava, I think) from their time in Azerbaijan for the Peace Corps.

We played the egg-cracking game. Stu's egg cracked my egg, but this year Helen won! :)

Then Jesse built a small fire for us to jump over.

Jesse, Brian, Carolyn, Jacque & Helen

Mama & Finn being silly, waiting for the fire to get big enough!

Our little family getting ready to help Finn jump over the fire.

We all say "Ağırlıgım- uğurluğum bu odda qalsın!" before jumping over the fire & we do this 3 times. It means "All my troubles, fall in the fire" so we can start the New Year with a clean slate. We had a lot of fun guys! Thanks for another great Novruz!

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Carolyn Williams said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for coming over!