Saturday, March 20, 2010

tyler's 10th birthday

For Tyler's 10th birthday, he wanted a Skate World party! I was pretty excited to experience roller skating with Finn. He *kind of* liked skating, but after one time around the rink with lots of help, he asked to take his skates off. :) I'm bummed cause I didn't get a photo of him skating, but I'm sure someone else did.

Griffin tried out skating too!

I think Ronan was at the perfect age for learning how to skate. He was pretty independent & wore his skates the whole time!

Sadie taking a break.

Cedar in his "skates". :)
He was so very tired & just getting a cold, but he enjoyed riding around in the stroller. Skate World hasn't changed a bit since I was there as a kid. Same carpet on the walls, same worn out rink, same skates...same music! I'm pretty sure they played some newer music too. ;) It didn't matter though; we all had a great time!

Gretchen & Me, strolling Griffin & Finn
I love that they let you take strollers onto the skating rink. It's a lot of fun for the younger kids & made it SO much easier for me to skate fast! :P

Tyler & his friends!

Giant birthday Chocolate Chip Cookie!

Becca & Aaron with their 10 year old! So crazy!

Sleepy Cedar

Kenton suggested that we should come back another time for a date! I had so much fun & we would probably have a blast skating without kids. :P I wanted to skate around the rink holding hands, but never got a chance... :)

Glow stick. :)

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