Monday, March 29, 2010

spring break - week one

Our first week of Spring Break ended with a very sick baby. We thought he was teething for several days/nights but when his temperature hit 103.4, I called his doctor. Turns out he had an ear infection. Sad story!

He seemed to be doing better after antibiotics, but then he had signs of a perforated ear drum in the other ear (a nurse-friend of mine pointed that one out to me). I feel pretty bad that I wasn't clued into any of the symptoms of an ear infection, but Finn has only had one, ever. :(

So now Cedar has been started on the most expensive ear drops I've ever heard of! I'm still in shock that I had to pay $55 after insurance for 7.5 mL! Craziness! Each drop of that stuff must cost several dollars...I'm being VERY careful not to waste ANY! Ok, I think I'm done venting... Hopefully, Cedar will show quick signs of improvement.

Other sweet moments from the weekend:

"Helping" Dad make french toast

Cute new jammies from Stu & Jacque as a souvenir from Sun Valley (for watching their rats). :)

Love the matching hat!

And the bear on the bum...

...A Little Bear Bum
So cute! Thanks guys! :)

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Jax said...

Cedar looks very sweet in his jammies; thanks for the pictures ;-) Man, he is growing so fast! He's almost too big to wear them!! I'm glad the hat fits too :-)