Saturday, March 20, 2010

visit with great grandparents

Nanalee & Papa Lew came from Utah to visit for a few days. We sure have missed them since they moved away! It was a lot of fun for our boys to have so much play time with them while they were visiting!

Nanalee is always up for playing games! Cedar wants to get involved too. :)

These last 3 photos show Cedar's latest trick - cruising around the ottoman. :)

On the move!

I took these photos with Outi's camera because I kept forgetting mine. But I am very thankful to have captured these memories. Finn & Cedar sure love their great grandparents! What a blessing to have them in our lives!

Made it to the other side...but Finn is blocking the path. :)

Thanks for visiting, Nanalee & Papa Lew! We hope to come out to Utah, sooner than later! :)

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