Monday, March 29, 2010


On Thursday, we had a couple of visitors. Kenton's Papa John was in town & stopped by with Kevin to check out the progress on our coop (photos coming soon) & to see us, of course! :)

Four Generations

Then later, the Chase family came over for dinner & games. They were on Spring Break too & we thought it would be fun to get together & play on a week night. We really need to do it more often cause all of the kids played really well together.

Aaron, Tyler & Kenton playing Heroscape

Finn, Cohen & Sadie watched some shows, but I didn't catch of photo of the three of them. You can see the cage in the background - we were "rat-sitting" for our friends, Stu & Jacque, while they were out of town.

A quick cuddle from Cedar. Cedar really loves his cousin Sadie. It's pretty obvious by the way he smiles at her & reaches for her. So sweet. :)

With the rats & the chicks, we had quite the little zoo in our home. But it was very entertaining for everyone. I need to get some photos of us holding the chicks, cause they're just so cute. But I'm always too busy keeping the chicks safe from the small children to grab the camera. I'll try to get Kenton to take some photos soon! :)

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