Friday, March 18, 2011

a 30th birthday party

It has begun...the year that my peers turn 30. Well, it's been happening for a few month...but this was the first 30th birthday party I've been able to attend of people that graduated the same year as me. All that to say...Carolyn turned 30!! And to celebrate, she asked everyone to bring their favorite guilty pleasure to share, pot luck style!

Between meatballs, cheese & crackers, lil' smokies, quiche, crusty bread & man n' cheese bites, we all were stuffed! But everyone still enjoyed the yummy black & white cake from Market of Choice. So tasty!!

Jacque & Kenton

The birthday girl!

Stu, Jacque & Helen
We also split into three teams & played trivia. Helen was on my team. We did pretty well, but it was tough to beat that birthday girl! :)

A blurry action shot - can't leave out the blowing out the candles photo! ;)

I hope to enter into my 30's as willingly & gracefully as Carolyn has. But I'm embracing my last few months of being 29!! :P

My gift to Carolyn was a sign, painted to look like the metro signs in Paris, where she & Jesse will be vacationing this summer! be...jealous...NOT working. :P

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Steve said...

And what a beautiful 30 year old she is!