Friday, June 17, 2011

memorial day weekend getaway

Over Memorial Day weekend, Kenton & I went to the coast (without the kids) with our friends, Carolyn, Jesse, Stu & Jacque! The house we stayed had a view of Dragon's Cove, a house we stayed at for my Mom's 50th birthday celebration.

We were spoiled on our first day with beautiful, warm, sunny, non-windy weather! :)

View from the front deck.

View of the rental house.

We walked down to explore the rocks.

Jacque's mock senior portrait. :P

Kenton's turn!

So relaxing to not have to worry about the kids while we explored near the ocean. :)

Jesse looking for treasures in the rocky sand.

Barney (Stu & Jacque's dog) got to come with us. He did great & only jumped into the ocean once. ;)

My turn.

It felt so nice to sit in the sun.

Kenton took a turn with the camera.

Great shot, Kenton!

At sunset, Carolyn & Jesse carried the bench out so they could sit comfortably.

Self portraits. Gotta love them!

Pretty sky.

Me & my love.

There was lots of board-game playing all weekend long!

Such a nice view from the main room of the house!

Making lunch & drinks!

Setting up another game. :)

We went out on Sunday to check out Strawberry Hill.

Stu's touching a sea anemone!

Pretty star fish.

Tic Tac Toe. This was right before the guys had a drift wood throwing competition. Or maybe there was not competition...just for fun. :P

We also stopped at Devil's churn, but it was low tide so there wasn't a ton of action.

The whole group!
So much fun - we'll definitely have to do it again sometime! :)

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jacque said...

We had a great time!!