Friday, June 17, 2011

small group work party

Our small group has decided to rotate houses this summer to do work parties! We started at our house on June 4th, with the goal of tearing out this invasive shrub. The guys hacked away at it & made some progress, but we still have some work to do!

Ava & Macey playing in the sand.
The kids did great & spent a lot of time playing computer games inside & swinging outside. :)

We also weeded the front yard flower beds & covered them with new bark mulch!

Looks so nice!

Stephanie power washed our front walk way & Colin blew all of the moss off of our roof. Overall, we got a ton of work done & I was so inspired that I weeded in the backyard, every day for the next week! Boy was I sore. :P But the yard is looking nice as we make our way into outdoor eating, entertaining, playing & general living season! I love Summer! Definitely my favorite season. :)

Thanks for all of the help, guys! What a wonderful idea! :) Can't wait to work on everyone else's projects!

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Angela said...

That is a really great idea!!