Monday, June 13, 2011

cedar's 2nd birthday

On Sunday, May 1st, our sweet Cedar turned 2! Kenton kept up with his tradition of decorating the hallway with streamers. The boys love having to crawl their way through the maze!

We let Cedar open a few gifts from us, before going to church.


Happy birthday-boy, with his new, no-spill bubble container!

After church & Cedar's afternoon nap, we hosted a Candyland Birthday Party!

I got the idea of the Balloon Lollipops from Parents Magazine.

The path continued through the house, to the backyard...

...where the candy bar was set up for ice cream sundaes (& root beer floats)!

Cedar's sundae.

Cedar loved hearing everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him. He's been singing it a lot in the weeks leading up to his birthday. :)

Finn with his sundae.

Our friends: Macey, Ethan & Emma

Time for gifts.

This is what happens when I leave the camera in Kenton's hands...

And this! Watch out, Cohen, Griffin & Finn!

The rocket seemed to be a favorite! :)

So many people love our son! We can't really blame them; he's a pretty special boy. We love you Cedar & really loved celebrating YOU! Thanks to all who joined us & who wished him well from afar! :)

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