Tuesday, June 14, 2011

saturday before mother's day

Finley was so excited about the gift he made for me at school that he couldn't wait any longer to give it to me. Kenton had given me my Mother's Day gift early (2 Peonies & a Lithodora plant!) & it was all I could do to convince Finn to let me shower & put on makeup before he gave me his gift. Didn't wanna miss out on the photo op! ;)

Such a cute idea!

That evening, we celebrated Mother's Day at my parent's house.

Baby Tate is working on sitting up!

Tyler is always trying to prove that he's Tate's favorite. I'm still skeptical! ;)

The Mothers

Cohen, Becca, Sadie, & Tyler

Me with my boys & my mom.

Mom, Griffin, Gretchen, Ronan & Tate

We got a fire pot for Mom.

Fun gifts for me from my family. :)

My boys - such a joy to be their Mama.

We finished off the evening with fruit sorbets! So fun & tasty!

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