Monday, June 20, 2011

happy *early* father's day

On Wednesday, June 15th, we celebrated Father's day with Kenton. He & Finn had a trip to San Diego over Father's Day weekend, so we wanted to send him off prepared!

Finley made a cool plaque at preschool. He was so excited to tell us which rock represented each family member (the plaque says "My Family Rocks!"). Such a cute idea! :)

Watching Dad open some gifts.

We gave him some snacks for the road trip.

And new swim trunks! Also a few t-shirts & a new movie!

Happy Father's Day Kenton! Cedar & I sure missed you on the actual day & SO much throughout the whole weekend! It's not the same without you & we're ready to have our whole family back together. You are such a great dad, so creative, playful, fun & loving. I love parenting with you & am so thankful to have you by my side!

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