Tuesday, July 26, 2011

whirlwind wedding

Over Father's day weekend, Kenton & Finley drove with Kevin, Outi & Brian down to San Diego for Kevin's sister, Kate's wedding! It was a long drive & a short stay, but everything went smoothly & I couldn't be more proud of my first born. :)

Finn was kept well entertained for the two day drive to San Diego!

They stopped at Kenton's cousin, Mike's house for a visit after the first day of driving. Finn was able to get some energy out in their cool pool!

On Friday afternoon, they made it to San Diego, in time for Finn to practice being the ring bearer. He looks a little sad in this photo. I heard it was a mix of the heat & the amount of time he was being asked to stand in front without wiggling. ;)

On Saturday, Finley became quick friends with Stella, the flower girl (isn't she adorable?!). Kenton told me that she was a female version of Finn. She was rolling around, wrestling & shooting at people with her flower petals. :P They were a perfect match!

Staying busy with games on the iPad.

I just love Finn's smile. So cute!

The wedding party

Uncle Nathan walked his sister (Aunt Kate) down the aisle.

Mr & Mrs. Steve Miller!

Kate & Kevin

Kate & Steve
the bride & groom


On Sunday, the family made their way back towards Eugene. They stopped halfway to spend the night & made it home on Monday around 4 pm. Quick trip, but worth it. I just wish I could've magically been there too...without having to do the drive with Cedar. ;) Read this to find out where Cedar & I were during their trip.

A little worn out from driving?? :P

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