Tuesday, July 26, 2011

california trip part 1

On the morning of Thursday, June 30th, we packed our boys into the car & drove down to San Francisco, California.

We stopped at a rest stop that had a great view of Mt. Shasta, so we took the opportunity to take some pictures.

Our silly boys had some wiggles to get out!

We made it to Kenton's friend, Chris' house around 6 pm. We were shocked that Cedar refused to nap the entire drive, only to crash 45 minutes from our destination. The crashing part was less surprising. :\ Luckily, we ate dinner late & went to bed late, so Cedar didn't have too hard a time falling asleep.

Finn played a lot of games on our phones during the drive down, so he was really into drawing plants & zombies (from this game) to decorate Chris' back yard. :)

Chris is a fan of the game too, so he helped Finn. :)

Kenton's friend Nathan also came over & we ate pizza & played a board game after the kids went to sleep. No photos, sorry.

The next morning, we ate breakfast at a cafe near Chris' place.

The only "decent" picture I got of Chris. :P

Chris' neighborhood.

Packing up. It was a quick visit, but we probably should've cut it even shorter...

We ate lunch nearby before heading to Camp Alta, where the Henry family reunion was taking place.

We didn't even think about how we happened to be leaving San Francisco on the Friday of 4th-of-July-weekend, through Sacramento. Apparently we were not alone. Our two hour drive to the camp took us SIX hours because of all the traffic! We were so exhausted & frustrated. We had just driven 9 hours the day before to get to San Francisco! We did our best to stay sane & it was so great to finally arrive at the camp...

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