Wednesday, July 13, 2011

small group work party #2

On Saturday, June 25th, we went over to the Green's house for a work party with our Bible study group. We had a few projects to work on: weeding, assembling a new play structure, relocating a raised garden bed, disassembling their garden shed & moving it to another area in their yard.

The kids were very patient & were SO very excited when the play structure was deemed safe for play!

Macy on the rings!

Stephanie giving Cedar a hand.

Sweet Cedar smiles.
(Photo by Amy)

We relocated this raised bed to its current location. :)

Silly face.

Colin testing out the swings.

Amy's turn!

Up high!

Sweet little poser. ;)

The strong men who disassembled & relocated the shed (or at least the base of the shed). :P

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