Thursday, July 28, 2011

lincoln city

On Sunday, July 10th, we drove to Lincoln City where Tom & Lauren were vacationing with their family! So fun to get to see our friends (whom we hadn't seen in over 2 years) twice in one week! :)

Lauren's whole family was staying together in a beautiful beach house. Her 3 siblings have 3 boys, so Lauren & Tom took their nephews to the beach with us. We had 5 boys, ages 4 & under. :)

I'm almost certain Cedar had never felt the ocean before. We felt pretty guilty that we hadn't brought our boys to the Oregon coast before...

We did bring Finn when I was pregnant with Cedar, but it was a much colder day then. On this day, we had beautiful blue skies, warm sun & no wind! So lucky!

Tom & Finn getting themselves stuck!

Run away! The water is freezing!

Little Tennyson was the youngest of the group but just by a few days. He was born 4 days after Cedar!

Dylan is the oldest of the Usher cousins. He was born about a month later than Finn.

Beautiful day in Lincoln City!


Cedar & Brayden.

Dylan & Finn had a lot of fun running in the waves together. They were so sweet to watch!

Proof that I was there. ;)

Snack time with Auntie Lauren!

Back at the beach house, all five boys (+ Kenton) in the hot tub!
Brayden, Tennyson, Dylan, Finley & Cedar

Kind of a silly expression on Finn's face, but I wanted to remember how sweet these two boys were. They gave each other hugs when it was time for us to head home. :)

We stayed long enough to watch Mega Mind. It was just what these boys needed after playing so hard on the beach. We ate dinner on the way home & Cedar promptly fell sound asleep. :) Thanks for much for inviting us to come play! We had a blast.

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