Thursday, July 28, 2011

a big birthday

On Wednesday, July 20th, I had a big that was quite difficult for me. Still is. :| I turned 30. And it just sounds weird. But difficult or not, it was still my birthday & worth celebrating. :P

My boys were eager to give me my gifts before we had to leave for work.

Cedar looks a bit more excited than Cedar, wouldn't you say? ;)

Kenton took the afternoon off work & my mom watched our boys for a bit longer so that we could go to lunch!

We ate at Marche & were not disappointed! I was especially happy that the sun decided to shine on my birthday - we were able to eat outside! :)

We both ordered the Steak Frites, because it is so delicious!

After lunch, we picked up the boys & then went shopping at some local nurseries & farms. I picked out some flowers to plant in my yard & was able to work in the garden for a bit before dinner.

We went to dinner at El Torito & cashed in on "Kids Eat Free" Wednesdays. :)

It was a great choice for us to go to as a family!

Finn worked hard on the activity sheet!

Both boys enjoyed getting specials drinks with their free meals. They even got a dessert! What a deal. :)

A balloon artist came by & made blue swords for the boys.

He even made some extras in case one popped!

I noticed the people that were eating outside were getting a kick out of the sword fight that immediately commenced once we stepped out the door. :)

It was a great day, full of fun with my boys. Couldn't ask for more!

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