Friday, January 6, 2012

merry christmas eve!

 We celebrated Christmas eve with Kenton's family.  Out made a delicious ham dinner & we ate in the early afternoon.

 After the meal, we opened gifts!

 The best I could get from these excited boys!

 Silly faces ended up being more successful!

 Cedar totally got into opening gifts this year!

 A new jacket from us to Uncle Brian.  Looking good!

 An early gift from me to my boys: homemade pajama pants!

 Hot wheels!

 Outi had some of our fall family portraits printed on a canvas for me.

 Super excited Finley, opening his gift from Nanalee & Papa Lew!  We love Blokus!

 Mummi & Pappa's Santa got the memo that Finley wanted this lego set!

 He couldn't stop staring longingly at his new legos!

 Cedar was so thrilled to receive a new piano & microphone!

 He loved hearing his voice amplified!

They look ready for the family band!

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Unknown said...

Okay, I love love LOVE that Cedar got a toy piano/microphone set. I have such fond memories of standing at the check-in counter and being able to hear him sing back in the 2 year old room. Keep singing, Cedar! :)