Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas eve morning

 Carolyn & Jesse visited on Christmas eve morning to deliver gifts & to take our annual tree hugging photo.

 The boys each received super cool hats!  Finn's is a monster.

 Cedar's is an owl.  We decided the owl hat was too small for Cedar, so we saved it for Carolyn & Jesse's baby-on-the-way.  They traded it out for a cool lion hat a few days later.  :)

Kenton & I received a homemade piece of art - the state of Oregon cut out of wood with "I <3 Eugene" painted where Eugene would be.  We love it...just forgot to get a photo.

Thanks friends!  You're the best!

 Annual tradition.
Without flash.
It looks like the top of our tree is leaning.  Maybe it is, at least from this angle.  Oh, well.  :P

With flash.
For more tree hugging related blog posts, see here, here,  & here.  The sad thing is that I was searching all over for the 2007 (the year I started blogging) tree hugging photo.  It doesn't exist because Carolyn & Jesse were in Azerbaijan that year.  Silly me.  :P

This year, I came across the original (I believe) tree hugging photo.  It isn't dated, but I think it's from Christmas of 1997! (Carolyn, correct me if I'm wrong.)  :)  I framed it & now have it displayed on our family room wall.  It's amazing how meaningful a silly photo we took in high school has become.  :)

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