Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas afternoon

 We gathered at my parents' house just before noon for a brunch-type meal & gift giving.

 We had way more food than we needed, but it was all so good!

 The tree surrounded by mounds of gifts!  We are such a big group when we're all together.  17?!  :)

 Memaw read the Christmas story to the grandkids while their parents dished up food.

 Cuddles for Finley's oldest cousin, Tyler.

 The Hecht girls.

The original Hecht family.

 The grown ups have been drawing names for a few years now to limit how many people for whom we buy gifts.  This year, I drew Gretchen's name.

 Kenton drew Josh's name.

 Josh drew my name.

And Becca drew Kenton's name!  :)

 Cedar got a cool knight outfit from Uncle Erik!

 Rock & roll shirt for Ty to go with a Guitar Hero game we got for him.  :)

 Griffin opening the Dagedar's from us!

 Awesome Star Wars toy from Ruddicks!

 This year, I tried to make a few more gifts than years past.  I made Griffin a set of felt fruit & a felt grocery bag to go with it.  :)

 Cute sweater for me from Ruddicks.  :)

 Gretchen helped the kids make a hand print tree for Memaw & Papa.  :)

M&P opening a photo calendar from all of us!

Some of the kids showing off their cool stocking stuffers - wax lips!  :P

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