Monday, January 2, 2012

christmas concert & gingerbread houses

 On Sunday, December 11th, the Green family watched out kids so that we could go to a Christmas concert with Kenton's family & my parents.

 Members of the audience were invited to come up & sing the last song before intermission.  My parents are up there near the top right!  So brave!  ;)

 My mom, Outi, Brian & Kenton

After the concert, we ate dinner with the Greens before heading over to the church for the annual Family Gingerbread House Night!

 Mouths full of candy!

 Our gingerbread "lighthouse".  :P

 The Ruddicks planned their design very carefully & won first place in their category!  :)

 Justin with frosting hands & Genevieve in the front pack!

 Macey, Amy & Emma

 Helping Tate eat some graham crackers.

 Awesome igloo!

 The Ruddick's finished gingerbread house.

We won 2nd place for Most Creative!  :)

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