Wednesday, February 15, 2012

california: day 1

 On Friday, January 13th, our family drove through the night down to Southern California, for my cousin, Emily's, wedding!  On Saturday, we met up with my sisters & their families, my parents, Erik & the Hickman family at In-N-Out for lunch!

Griffin, Finley & Ronan enjoying the warm (to us) California sun in front of the sign.

After lunch, the ladies spent the afternoon at the salon getting manicures & pedicures!  :)
Aunt Nancy (mother of the bride) & Mom.

The Stoerman sisters.
Carol, Janice, Nancy & Robin

 That evening, all the ladies got to go out to dinner & line dancing for Emily's bachelorette party!

 Emily, the bride!

 Gretchen & Natasha at dinner.

 Me & Becca

The whole group.
(photo borrowed from Gretchen)

The group at Montana's, a country bar!  :P  This was definitely a first for me & my sisters, but it was super fun!  I am very impressed with those that can remember which steps go with which songs.  It is much more complicated than I expected!  ;)
(photo borrowed from Gretchen)

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