Thursday, February 16, 2012

california: day 4

 On Tuesday, we gathered at Bolsa Chica to celebrate Aunt Carol's 50th birthday!  The Hickman family loves the beach & it was the most perfect January day we could have asked for.

 It was sunny & not too windy!  Uncle Keith & Natasha did a great job decorating for the party!

 Cedar & Lincoln played in the sand while we settled in & set up our chairs.  :)

 Cedar was excited to be near the water, but didn't actually want to get in the water.

 Throwing sand at the waves.

 Run away!

 Finn was more interested in getting a little wet & went in up to his knees (sometimes higher when waves came in) with Griffin & Ronan.

I didn't end up taking too many photos, but we enjoyed a barbecue, party games, prizes, and even cake & ice cream by the bonfire after the sun set!

 Digging with Tyler!

 Sadie, Ronan & Griffin digging too!

 Family self portrait at sunset.  :P

 Uncle Mike, Aunt Nancy & Lincoln
It definitely got chilly when the sun set & the wind picked up.  Thankfully there were blankets & a bonfire!  :)

 The birthday girl!

Me (with a crazy expression) & Melissa

Happy birthday, Aunt Carol!  We sure had fun.  This might've been one of the first trips to the California beach that I didn't get too much sun!  ;)

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