Thursday, February 16, 2012

california - day 6

 On Thursday morning, Finley was excited to show Cedar his souvenir from Disneyland!

 Cedar posed with his ears, then wanted very little to do with them.  Oh well.  I think they were more for me than for Cedar.  ;)

 We had a low key morning.

 Happy Dominic!

 Then, we drove to Sun City to have lunch with Oma at a park near her home.

 The perfect place for 8 kids to visit with their great grandmother!

 Sword fighting!

 Tate, Uncle Aaron & Oma (my dad's mom).

 Oma had celebrated her 90th birthday less than 3 weeks earlier, but only my parents were able to be there.

 So we celebrated again & my parents gave her some of the family photos that Erik had taken after Christmas.

 Becca, Katrina, Gretchen & Oma

 Oma with 8 of her great grandchildren!

 Papa brought some cool Styrofoam airplanes to play with!

 Two planes, flying high!

 Me & my love.

 4 generations
Gretchen, Papa, Tate & Oma

 4 generations.
Papa, Katrina, Cedar & Oma

 The Henry family

 The Chase family

 The Ruddick family

After several hours of playing & eating lunch at the park, we drove back to Glendora & met up at the Barrett's house for a delicious pasta dinner!  We even squeezed in a game that Kenton had brought with Emily, Kellie, Melissa, Shaheen & Steve!  Super fun!

 Matching second cousins!
Dominic & Tate both wore their "drink cup" onesies from In-N-Out!

 Cute boys!

Dominic was much more willing to sit still, but then again, he hasn't quite learned to crawl yet.  ;)

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