Wednesday, February 15, 2012

california: day 2 - the wedding

 Sunday, January 15th, we gathered at the Racho Cucamonga Community Center for Emily & Ryan's wedding.

 Lincoln, Tyler & Finley, visiting before the ceremony.

 Waiting for the ceremony to begin.  It's hard to be patient when you are 2 & 5 years old.  ;)

 Under the palm trees.

 Shaheen & Grandpa Stoerman

 Shaheen & Aunt Nancy

 Ryan, the groom!

 Shaheen & Melissa

 Ryan's cousin, escorting Kellie

 Lincoln, the sign bearer.

 Uncle Mike & Emily!

 The kiss!

 The whole family!
Steve, Kellie, Grandpa Stoerman, Ryan, Emily, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mike, Grandma Barrett, Melissa, Lincoln, Shaheen & Dominic

 The Ruddick family

 The Chase family

 The Henry family

 The Hecht girls

At the Reception...

 This picture cracks me up.  Kenton looks quite concerned about the way Cedar is holding the butter knife.  What a good dad.  :P

 Lovely centerpieces.

 The first dance.

 Cedar was totally committed to dancing the night away!

 All the cousins got into dancing!

 Especially when balloons were involved!

And check out the photo booth photos that Gretchen posted on her blog!  We had a LOT of fun with the photo booth.  :)

 Cutting the cake.

 The toast.

 First born cousins, deep in conversation.

 Cedar was so wiped out from dancing!  But he made me hold him & "keep dancing!"

 Finley was pretty worn out too!

 It is rare that we have ALL of the Stoerman cousins together at one time.  So we gathered, youngest to oldest, for a photo.

 Eleanor, Hannah, Wyatt, Natasha, Emily, Kellie, Erik, Melissa, Katrina, Gretchen & Becca

Silly faces!
It looks like one of Gretchen's legs is my left leg. So funny!  I love my family!  :)

Congratulations to Emily & Ryan!  Your wedding was lovely & we wish you a wonderful & happy marriage!

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