Wednesday, February 15, 2012

california: day 3

 On Monday, we met up with our Salisbury cousins at a nearby park.  It was super chilly, especially for the Californians, but we made the best of it & even ate ice cream!

 Tyler ate his in a tree.  :P

 Ronan, Finley, Cohen & Cedar

 The whole group.  
All of these people came from just 2 of my grandparents' children.  My dad & his sister Connie each had 4 kids & between all of the spouses & grandchildren, we make a pretty huge group!  But we're still missing Uncle Eugene & Uncle Tom's families.  That would pretty amazing to see the entire group in one place.  It's pretty unbelievable!

 Girl cousins!
Adrienne, Heather, Becca, Gretchen & me

 The eight of us!
Adrienne, Heather, Justin, Becca, Josh, Gretchen, Katrina & Erik

The third generation!
Sadie, Tate, McKenzie, Pauline, Alyssa, Chiara, Cedar, Jacob, Dante, Niko, Ronan, Luke, Griffin, Tyler, Finley, Jacob, & Cohen
(I think!  Sheesh.  I hope I didn't get anyone wrong.  I almost didn't even try, but I did my best!)  ;)

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