Monday, October 28, 2013

fall creek reservoir

 Uncle Erik was in town, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather & met the family at Fall Creek Reservoir.

 Everyone brought the water toys that they had & picnic lunches & dinners to share.

 Finley & Ronan on the kayak.

 Griffin, Ronan & Finley.

Swimming Cedar.

 Lunch break.

 Elsa's first visit to a lake at two weeks old!

 Uncle Erik on the stand up paddle board & Finley on the kayak.

 Go Gretchen!

 So much fun in the water!

 These boys worked hard to carve the log into a canoe.  ;)

 Taking the real canoe out!



Now for some fun, jumping off the dock photos:





 Sadie on the kayak.


 Becca on the kayak


Griffin & Cedar exploring in the grass.

 Running down the dock.

Elsa's admirers.

We stayed for hot dogs & smores & left after the sun had set.  It was a full, fun day at the lake.  Kinda made us wanna go camping...when Elsa's a little older.  ;)

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