Monday, October 28, 2013

one month old

 September 26th, 2013

 One month old and oh, so sweet!

 Getting stronger every day!

 Elsa is a mover!  She lets us know when something is bothering her.  ;)

 On her blanket, made by Mama, with her Elsa-bug, made by Carolyn.

 Wide eyes!

 Learning to smile!  :P

 That night, we got an evening out to dinner with our friends.  Afterwards, we hung out at our house for a bit.  

 We had to photograph "the Augustines" all together!  ;)

 Their twitchy, jerky, newborn movements had all the parents laughing.  :P

Elsa, Harriet & Edison
Baby buddies.


Anonymous said...

Love You, Elsa Girl! Our lively grand darlingirl! Love watching you & your brothers grow! Great blog, mama!

Anonymous said...

Love, Memaw & Papa