Tuesday, October 29, 2013

mt. pisgah

 On Saturday, October 19th, we hiked Mt. Pisgah with a picnic lunch.

 This was Kenton & the kids' first time.  

 Looking older than I think he should.  ;)

 Pretty trail.

 Cedar boy!

 Such beautiful views!

What good hikers!

 So colorful.

 A view of the river.

 I was there!

 I think this has been the sunniest, driest, most colorful fall that I can remember!

Finley kept up with me while Kenton stayed behind with Cedar.

 Finley really wanted to make it to the top & is probably the only reason we didn't turn around.  We had a time limit & it didn't look like we'd make it up there at the pace we were moving.  But we decided to pick up the pace & Kenton carried Cedar on his back.

 I love the color & texture of his hair.

 Layers of mountains.

 Cedar & Kenton caught up to us at the halfway point & we worked super hard to make it to the top!

 We made it to the top!  We barely had enough time to scarf our sandwiches while I nursed Elsa.  Then we made our way back down in half the time!  What a great hike!

And a great view!  Lovely!

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