Tuesday, October 29, 2013

pumpkin carving

 We've been carving pumpkins with our Bible study group since before any of us had any children.

 We realized that this Fall marked the 9 year anniversary of our group forming!  Amazing!

 This evening, we had 11 children added to the mix.  Pumpkin carving night sure has changed since the beginning!  ;)  Not all of the kids were carving pumpkins. of course.  And not all of them needed help.  But as you can imagine, it was organized chaos for a bit!  ;)

 Cedar was quick to draw a face on his pumpkin!

 Finley worked hard on making a scary face!

 Macey & Ethan working hard too!

 Carving away!

 Such a sweet jack-o-lantern!

 Very focused!

 Eli & Emma working on their pumpkins.

 Colin was holding Elsa for us!  Everyone was put to work!  ;)

 The finished products!  Spooky!

Finley's scary face & Cedar's sweet face.  Love it!  

Now if we can just keep the squirrels from eating our jack-o-lanterns until after Halloween!  Who knew?!  We keep coming home to more nibbles, a missing jack-o-lantern lid, an uncarved pumpkin that's been completely opened & halfway eaten!  What in the world?!

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