Tuesday, October 29, 2013

first grade soccer

 On the afternoon of October 12th, Finley had a soccer game at the middle school near our house.

 We took advantage of the close proximity & walked to watch the game.

 Charis & Cedar.

 Finley has really improved over the years & we could even see improvement in his focus this season!

 Yay, Finn!

 Finley & Griffin are on the same team!  So fun!

 Sweet smile from Cedar.

 Samantha, Charis, Katrina & Elsa

 More action shots!

 Leftover face paint from the Apple Dayz celebration.

 Lots of cheerleaders for Griffin & Finley!

 Comparing muscles.

 Pretty smiles.

 These two got along really well during Charis' visit!  She's just 10 months older!

Silly cousins.

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