Wednesday, July 9, 2014

cedar's big #5 birthday

 On Thursday, May 1st, our sweet Cedar-boy turned 5!  We started the morning off right with presents & fun cereal!

 The boys spent much of the warm afternoon in the sprinkler.  I tried to keep them from messing with each other too much & encouraged them to do some fancy jumps while I photographed them.  But as you can see, boys with be boys!  They are brothers to the core & can't help but mess with each other.  Luckily, there were mostly happy smiles from these two.

 We ate dinner with Kenton's parents (pizza for the birthday boy!) & they gave him a super cool remote control car!

We finished off the full & fun day with swimming lessons for both of these kids.  They've both enjoyed it so much & have made great progress.  We had such a great experience with our local community center.  Their teachers were excellent!  Way to go, Finley & Cedar!  What a fun way to end the day.

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