Wednesday, July 9, 2014

nine months

Our Elsa baby turned 9 months old on May 26th!  She's 28.25" (74th percentile) & 16#7oz (21st percentile).  Elsa started crawling this month & got really good really quickly!  :]  She even figured out how to pull up to standing!  Elsa claps her hands with a big smile.  She's starting to sign "all done" independently & after a prompt & has figured out the sign for "milk" too!  Elsa's hair is one of the features that people comment on the most.  Strangers ask if they can touch it.  It's feathery, soft & stands straight up most of the time!  Her bright blue eyes also capture people's attention.  Elsa is already becoming hard to keep up with & can no longer be left unattended for even a moment.  She's quick, inquisitive & has eagle eyes for tiny pieces of dirt, trash or fuzz on the floor...& it goes straight into her mouth.  :P  She's a master eater & loves meat, berries, eggs & ice cubes.  :)  Elsa is so fun!

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