Wednesday, July 9, 2014

mom's 60th birthday beach bash photo overload

 My mom's wish for her 60th birthday was to spend the weekend with everyone gathered at the coast.  We were all very excited to make that wish come true!  We spent Memorial Day weekend in beach houses in Waldport & had an amazing time!

 Elsa's first taste of sand.  :P

 Cedar was in heaven, digging in the sand.

 Finley was instantly soaking wet.  :]

 Kenton tolerated the sand much better than expected.  ;)

 The Ruddicks brought wet suits & boogie boards to share.



 Sadie & Josh

 Sadie & Ronan

 Uncle Aaron helping Cedar set up the pin wheels.

 We stayed in this house with the Ruddicks & Chases.  Everyone would gather here for our meals together.

 My mom's sister, Carol, & her family came up from Southern California.

 Wet & sandy clothes!

 Memaw cuddles.

 Her hair never gets old.  ;)

 My mom's sister, Robin, & her family came down from Portland.

 Beach hair.

 Wyatt, Uncle Keith & Aunt Carol

 Fun party decorations!

 Erik & Celeste came down from Seattle.  Celeste made balloon animals for the kids!  Such a fun party trick!

 The birthday girl.

 Amazing cake by Becca.

 Not too sure about Uncle Erik.

 Kenton had fun teaching the kids some of his board games.

 Josh rigged up a volleyball "net".

 Self timer family photo.

 Then, Erik jumped in to help us out.  :)

 Cute chairs in front of one of the neighboring beach houses.

 Awesome sand art by Celeste & her helpers.

 It started to get windy & a little stormy.

 Tate, the crab.

 Attempting to get a photo of us together with our matching chambray...

 Elsa & I were both a little under the weather, but she was a good sport & rocked a couple smiles for me.

 The Hickmans made a delicious Mexican dinner on Sunday night to celebrate Wyatt's birthday & his commissioning into the Army.

 Elsa needed a sink bath after that yummy dinner.  :P

 The whole gang...minus Celeste, the photographer.  :]
Elsa even smiled!  So great!

 Our little family.

And the whole Hecht gang!

As you can see, it was an amazing weekend.  The best.

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