Wednesday, July 9, 2014


 On Friday, May 16th, Finley's school performed their annual Fiesta Cultural!

 We weren't sure how Finn would handle the dancing after his surgery, but he did great!
He's in the back row of this photo, so it was hard to get a good shot of him.

 I got some video of his dance, but will have to get help from the husband to actually share it.  :P

 After the performance...with a little brother photobomb blur.  :]

 Nice work, Finn!

 With Memaw & Papa!
Mummi & Pappa were there too, but they were smart & made their exit before the masses.  It was SUPER crowded.  :\

 Finley & the Chase kids.
Sadie's last Fiesta.  She's moving up to 6th grade in the fall.

Finley & the Ruddick boys.

All the Hecht cousins!

 Finley's favorite classmates: Ellen & Natalie.  :)

Finley's super, awesome, amazing blessing of a teacher, Sra. Colon.  She was hired as a sub/temporary teacher, but she stayed on all year & did such a wonderful job with these first graders.  We've been so blessed with fabulous teachers for our children!

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