Wednesday, July 9, 2014

chuck e cheese

We managed to get through seven and a half years of parenting without hosting a Chuck E Cheese birthday party.  Well...our streak came to an end when Cedar decided that he needed to have his party at Chuck E Cheese's.  I blame TV commercials at the grandparents' houses, but it was probably inevitable.  ;)  

Our original party time had to be rescheduled, after Finley had an unexpected appendectomy, but the new time worked out perfectly!  We were there around dinner time on a weekday & were practically the only ones there!  It was really nice.  

Cedar requested cake pops for his dessert, so I tackled making those for the first time.  They must've been just what he wanted, because he ended up referencing those cake pops for weeks afterward...he even wrote in his Mother's Day card to me that he loved my cake pops & loved me because I made cake pops.  The cake pops made an impression on this kid!  But man, I love that I was able to do something so simple to make him feel so special.  Love him!!  Also, Kenton & I joke that sugar is Cedar's love language, but it's becoming clear that it's not too far from the truth.  :P

It's hard to believe that our little boy is 5 years old!  He's such a joy to raise & always manages to surprise & amuse us.  He's thoughtful & inquisitive.  He has great ideas & really thinks through things.  He figures things out & moves cautiously.  Cedar can be timid in new situations, but doesn't take long to warm up & feel at home.  He hasn't even started kindergarten yet, but is already starting to read & figuring out early math.  He's funny, silly & full of excitement.  We love having Cedar in our family & can't imagine life without him!  What a blessing you are, Cedar T.  We thank God for the gift of you.

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