Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy birthday dad!

Our little family tradition is to open presents as soon as we wake up! We just can't wait. :) So on Monday, August 3rd, we let Dad open his presents quickly before heading to work.

After work, Kenton & I dropped off the boys with his parents & went out to dinner at La Perla.

We love La Perla pizzas because they are the only ones around that actually taste like the pizza we had in Italy. So yummy! Only thing wrong was that we couldn't order Cokes - only not authentically Italian. :P

My handsome husband.

After dinner, we gathered at Kenton's parent's house with the Hecht group & had dessert - cookies, of course! We also watched home videos of Kenton as a little boy. What a silly kid! :)

Finn loves birthdays!

All the kids love birthdays!

My parents were creative & "made" the haz-mat suit that Kenton had requested on his list - so he can crawl under our house & check things out without getting attacked by something scary. :)

Fancy shoes from his parents - he's been wanting these shoes for awhile now!

Cedar & Pappa - Cedar's outfit had to be modified after a blow-out, I'm sure.

Our family.
Not sure what Finn's hand gesture is supposed to mean. :\

The kids spent some time at the end of the evening rolling down the little hill in the backyard. Such a fun day! We love you, Kenton! So fun to celebrate you!

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Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Kenton! Hope it was a great day!