Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a pirate party!

We celebrated Ronan's 5th birthday with a pirate party!

Pirate Playmobils for the birthday boy.

Josh worked super hard to finish a new play structure in the backyard before the party. It was SO close to being done by the time the party started. :) It was a huge hit - all of the kids were highly entertained!

My little pirate, dressed up with his party favors. Apparently, he chose the pirate name "Jolly Jolly" yesterday at my parent's house. :) So creative.

Finn was excited to dress up for the pirate party, so we pulled a little outfit together consisting of a bandana & a "sailor" shirt (that's really a Finnish shirt). :) So cool that Ronan provided the eye patch & earring.

Gretchen's lovely cake!

Ronan got a little shy when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him during his "kid party".

Finn loves birthday parties - he has a sweet tooth like his Dad! :)

Memaw & Papa's gift was super exciting. They filled a treasure chest with a pirate hat, treasure map, treasure &.....

Two "Gunners"! Memaw showed Finn the gunners the day before & they were all that he would talk about whenever we brought up Ronan's party. He couldn't wait to play with them. I tried really hard to prepare him for not getting a turn right away but I'm pretty sure all he heard was "Blah blah blah GUNNER blah blah GUNNER blah blah blah!" :)

He was pretty devistated when it was time to go home & he didn't get to take a gunner home. (Super hero Papa promised to take him on a special trip to get a gunner of his own, so there was still hope for "Jolly Jolly")

Sweet Cedar hardly ever makes a fuss. We were at the Ruddicks for 5 hours, celebrating Ronan, & Cedar did a great job. What a trooper!

Birthday cake for the "family party"

Kenton wore a matching shirt & a bandana too...but it was pretty hot so the bandana didn't last.

Amazing lighting during sunset. Sweet Cedar fell asleep sitting on my lap...no rocking necessary this time. I love having him in my family. :)

Happy Birthday Ronan! What great fun we all had at your Pirate Party!


Anonymous said...

Great photos, all above! Its a pleasure to see your blog!--Outi

Gretchen Ruddick said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! We were so glad your family was there and I love how Kenton & Finn dressed up for it. (: I was wishing I got a picture of the two of them.