Saturday, August 22, 2009


A couple photos of my big kid, looking quite handsome!

He got some cool new shoes from Finland & I've been having fun picking out clothes that work with them. :)

Posing with a granola bar. Finn always can get into a fighting position!

Big kid Henry!

In other news, one of my random, scraggly bushes in the backyard decided to bloom & identify itself!

I was so excited to discover that I have a hibiscus growing in my yard! It has purple & white flowers opening at the same time. It's also a specific breed that has blossoms that last for 3 days, instead of the typical one day. It's a little out of control, so I'll need to prune it to get it looking nice again. But I love the flowers!

Self-portrait, feeling tropical. :)

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hechtr said...

GORGEOUS!! and the flowers are too! amazing that there are 2 such brilliant flowers on 1 bush-luckies!