Sunday, August 23, 2009

old friends

We had a fun visit at the Ruddick's with Matt, Jessie, Cameron, Claire & Cadia, friends that were visiting from Iowa. Matt & Becca are birthday buddies (exactly the same age) & he's been a friend of the family for many years. It was fun to meet his kids & see our kids enjoying some fun play time together!

Cedar & Cadia are only about 2 weeks apart. He was zonked & couldn't be bothered for a photo op. :P

Ethan, Claire, Griffin & Macey having a snack at the counter.

Cameron & Ronan checking out Ronan's new drum machine.

All the kids! Between 6 couples we have 14 kids!
front: Macey, Emma & Ethan
back: Griffin, Cohen, Tyler, Ronan, Finn, Claire, Cadia, Sadie, Cedar, CJ & Cameron

A group shot.
It was so great to gather together & spend time catching up. Thanks for hosting, Ruddicks! And it was great to see you, Switzers! :)

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