Sunday, August 2, 2009

new haircut

I buzzed Finn's hair last Wednesday. He looks so strange! It's been weird getting used to it, but I like it. He looks like a big kid, for sure!

Also, we started potty training two days later, so that really makes him seem older. He's doing really well & only has occasional accidents. We're still at the point of reminding him to go all the time cause we don't quite trust him to tell us. He's picking it up though & it seems like he's getting it. So exciting!


Unknown said...

Wow! He does look like a big kid. And Congrats on the potty training - that is quite a big adventure! I'll be calling in a year and half to get your insight :-) Good luck.

Samantha said...

Cute haircut Finn! I like it and it does make him look older. Good luck with potty training!