Monday, October 26, 2009

the barn party

Every year the Schar family hosts the Barn Party at their farm, for our church. All the kids (& some adults) dress up & play games for candy, explore a hay maze, go on hay rides & eat hot dogs, donuts & cider. I've been going since I was a kid & this was Finn's 3rd time. :)

My little pterodactyl!
Finn picked out this T-rex costume at St. Vincent de Paul's for $4 & declared that he wanted to be a pterodactyl. Kenton helped me come up with the alteration design & I added wings, a "cone" head thingy & cut off the sharp teeth. :) Not too shabby for $4 + some spare fabric from my mom.

A pterodactyl in the wild. :P

I couldn't stop taking photos of him.

Every angle just cracked me up!

My view of the baby dragon in the back seat.

So cute!

We stopped at Kenton's parent's house to pick up some pieces to add to Kenton's costume. Outi caught this great shot!

Our family
Cedar is missing the top half of his costume, Kenton is a forest fire fighter (wearing some of his dad's authentic gear!), & I'm a fairy (with a few more layers than the typical fairy). :) We were going to go with a theme, since Finn originally wanted to be a knight. Kenton was going to be a wizard & Cedar & I would fit right in. Then Finn changed his mind, so we ended up being a bit random.

There's my baby dragon! Cedar's first Barn Party! :)

Waiting to play some games.

Bean bag toss with Pastor Steve. Finn kind of cheats. :P

Getting his face painted.

Some custom work by Jeff Harris - a pterodactyl, what else?? :)

Batman Cohen

Boo Tyler (from Super Mario Bros)

On the hayride.
Cedar spent most of the evening chewing on one of his "claws" :P

Belle Sadie

One last photo of our family.
Lots of photos, but we had a really great time. Some other highlights for Finn were the bus ride from the church to the barn, playing by the campfire, going upstairs in the barn with Cohen, & the "glo-bracelet" from one of the families at the party. He used it as a light saber, of course, & got to sleep with it that night. Fun memories!


Samantha said...

What great costumes! Good job guys!

Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton said...

I love the costumes!