Monday, October 26, 2009

outside with dad

Kenton got some great photos of the fall colors in the backyard before the leaves fell. He often takes Finn & Cedar outside while I cook dinner. Keeps the kids entertained & the Mama sane. :)

Kenton's favorite tree.

Spit bubbles.
Finn's really into spitting & spit bubbles & making sound effects with spit, etc. Such a boy. :)

Cedar is thoroughly entertained by his big brother. He finds it so amusing when Finn runs. I love watching Cedar watch Finn. They really get a kick out of each other. I know they won't always get along, but I hope they are good friends for the most part.

Another shot of Kenton's favorite tree.

Such a sweet big brother. Finn is always willing to help & loves doing things for Cedar. He even reminded us the other day that Cedar needed his pacifier before leaving the house. Thank you, big brother Finn! Where would we be with you?!

One last shot of some of the fall colors we see from our kitchen window. Soon the trees will be bare, so it's nice to have one last burst of color!


hechtr said...

I love these posts!

Jesse and Carolyn said...

Playing with focus! I like it!