Thursday, October 15, 2009

september randomness

Kenton put his birthday gift from my parents to use - a "hazmat" suit for crawling under the house.

Looks spooky down there! Finn was so sad that he couldn't go with Dad. :(

Good thing he duct taped his socks - no spiders were getting in there! Everything looked good under the house. It was a success! :P

Just another light saber battle in the living room. This time, with Jon & Ethan!

Finn thought Jon's hood was so cool that he asked me for his little hoodie. Finn tends to like the bad guys the most in movies. Not too sure how I feel about that. :)

My poor, beat up kiddo. Scrape on his chin from a bush, bruise on his cheek & gash on his eyebrow from falling face first into a chair.

Life can be rough when you're a busy almost-3-year-old! But those owies are getting better. Almost gone already. Boy, that eyebrow gash was a scary one for me - the closest we've been to stitches so far. Thankfully, my mom & Becca were there to help me decide that a bandaid would be fine. :)

Mama & Cedar (+ a little Finn in the background).
Cedar's wearing my old sweatshirt from my Aunt Robin. It was a chilly day - perfect weather for a cozy, hooded, sweatshirt.

Such a sweet, cuddly guy!
He sucked on those sleeves all day long. I'm glad I tried it out on him. It's a little big still, which means he'll get some use out of it.

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