Monday, October 26, 2009

night out

My friend Ben (from high school) was in town (all the way from Thailand!) visiting his family. He only comes home every couple years, so we were excited to spend some time with him. :) We got a group together & went to dinner at Mezza Luna (such yummy pizza!). After dinner, we went to a brew fest where we met up with Stu & Jacque.

Helen, Carolyn, Katrina & Jacque -
all wearing our varying shades of green coats!

Kenton, Ben, Stu & Jesse

It was fun to have an evening "out on the town" without the kids. They stayed with Mummi & Pappa & had much more fun with them than if they'd been dragged to a restaurant. :P We picked them up afterward & brought them back home, where they had a chance to meet Ben (a second time for Finn, though it'd been almost 2 years). Finn made quick friends with Ben & even reached for him at church the next morning to be held! Guess he knows a good guy when he sees one. ;) Thanks for making time for us, Ben! It was fun.

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