Monday, October 26, 2009

happy birthday papa!

We celebrated my dad's birthday on Monday, October 19th (the day after his birthday) with his classic birthday dinner request: sloppy joes & tater tots! Yumm!

Cohen & Finn sticking close to the cupcakes, trying to wait patiently. :)

Papa & his 7 grandkids
Sadie, Cedar, Tyler, Finn (whining because he can't pull the chair out), Cohen, Griffin & Ronan

The birthday Papa!

Wearing a gift from the Chases & us - an apron to wear while working on his bikes!

Family portrait - smiling parents, sad kids. :P

Totally separate day, but I wanted to share this sweet, smiley photo of Cedar. So happy, even though he's wedged in between couch cushions & his track suit is all bunchy. :P What a good sport!

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