Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday, my mom & I invaded Gretchen's kitchen so that we could can green beans & tomatoes.

Gretchen is the only one in the family who has a non-glass top stove & glass top stoves are not up to the job of canning...or so I've read. I didn't really want to risk it...but the Ruddicks were very gracious & let us take over for an afternoon, so I didn't have to risk it!

My mom bought almost 23 lbs of tomatoes from the Farmer's Market...since our own tomatoes are being so SLOW to ripen. :\

So pretty!

We canned them whole & the process was very quick & easy!

We canned about 2 lbs of green beans from my garden & another 4 lbs from the Market...I think. We ended up with 16 pints of green beans & 9 quarts of tomatoes...I think. Now I can't remember, since we divvied them up. :P

It was my first time canning & I'm glad my mom was there to walk me through the process. That pressure cooker is intimidating! But everything went smoothly & we ended up with lots of preserved food. Yay! Thanks, Mom!

I'm sharing this post on An Oregon Cottage for the Tuesday Garden Party! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Great post and I'm so glad to see you took photos of the tomatoes-so pretty in the big sink! I made spaghetti sauce as soon as I got home with 2 qts of the tomatoes-SO sweet with zero added sugar(:-D) Thanks for the fun day!
love, Mom

Samantha said...

wow it looks like you did an amazing job! It almost makes me want to eat canned green beans (I only like them raw) and the tomatoes look great. I am glad you are enjoying your garden.

thyme2garden said...

Hmm, I did not know that glass-top stoves are not good for canning. I have not started canning yet myself, so it's nice to hear that your first time was a success! I'm sort of getting the hang of vegetable gardening (my first year!), so I'm hoping that my garden will be more prolific to give me more veggies to start my canning adventure.

Hope you enjoy those tomatoes and beans over the winter!

Anonymous said...

They look so good! You will really enjoy them when you open them the winter. A taste of summer.

Jami @ An Oregon Cottage said...

I'm late visiting the TGP links this week, but I'm glad I saw your post- congrats on your first canning experience! The best way is with someone the first time who will take the fear factor out for you. I agree the pressure canner is nerve-wracking! I only use it once in awhile and stick to my good ol' water bath canner. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.