Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We have been loving gathering eggs every day. Finn insists on being a part of the process, which is great because I need him to crawl into the back of the coop. ;)

Such beautiful colors!
Each hen lays different colors. The only ones we can't tell apart are Fern's & Dorothy's, since they both lay brown eggs. But Brunhilde lays white, Hazel lays green & Opal lays creamy/peach/pink...whatever you wanna call it. Her eggs are a little more pink looking on the inside of the shells. So fun!

I used garden vegetables to make an egg casserole. (Of course, I forgot to include a photo of the end result.) I like to make a casserole on Sunday night so that we can eat a square of it for breakfast each morning for the following week. For this casserole, I used tomatoes & basil from the garden. It feels so good to feed ourselves with food that our garden & chickens have provided. :) Now if only I could get up the nerve to get a goat! Fresh goat cheese would be amazing. ;)

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