Wednesday, September 1, 2010

playing with friends

On Wednesday, August 25th, we dropped Finn off for a morning with Memaw & cousins so that we could have a game day with our friends. We put Cedar down for a nap & started playing. :) We took a break for lunch while Cedar was awake & were able to continue playing while he took his afternoon nap. Pappa Henry picked up Finn from Memaw's after lunch & took him to see "How to Train Your Dragon" at the cheap theater. When Finn came home, we played outside in the kiddie pools & barbequed pizza for dinner. A full, fun day!

Cedar in the pool

Jacque & her puppy Barney joined him. :)

Naked boy on the patio chair. Jesse doesn't look too amused. :P

But I suppose he entertained himself by styling Cedar's hair.

Jacque & Barney in the hot sun!

Protecting the naked baby from his naked big brother...which is why I don't have any pictures of Finn. Guess I wasn't able to capture any "decent" naked photos of him. ;)

Not too cool for the kiddie pool!

After the kids went to bed, Carolyn & Jesse stuck around for a tasting party while we tried out Kenton's Miracle Berries! It's a berry (in tablet form) that transforms the way you taste for an hour.

Things like beer, wine, limes, strong cheese & vinegar taste much more sweet. It was pretty fun. I think everyone agreed that the limes were delicious & the Gorgonzola cheese was really good too. Pretty crazy for me to be able to taste beer or wine & not find it disgusting. ;)

We continued to play a game after our quick tasting party. What a long, fun day! Thanks for joining us friends & thanks for watching Finn Memaw & Pappa! We had a great time.


Carolyn said...

Thanks Meemaw and Pappa!!

Anonymous said...

This was a blast to read and we had a fun morning with Finn! We're not too cool for the kiddie pool, too.

ChaseRR said...

miracle berry...HUH? Where've I been? ;0) You guys are funny!!