Wednesday, September 1, 2010

utah: dates!

Kenton's grandparents offered to watch the boys so we could go out on our own & explore Ogden. The first day we decided to go downtown & see a movie, followed by lunch.

All over Ogden there are differently decorated horse statues, like the ducks in Eugene.

We ate lunch at Roosters Brewing Company.

Cool interior. We ate outside & both enjoyed our food!

We walked around downtown a bit & continued to be amazed by the huge mountains that are just right there!

Two days later we got to go on another date! Marylee & Lew bought us tickets to Lagoon for our anniversary.

Waiting in line for our second ride.

On top of the Ferris wheel type ride.

After Rattlesnake Rapids. We got soaked!

Going directly underneath the waterfall didn't help matters. :P

We really enjoyed being free to explore without having to worry about anyone else. After many fun hours at the park, we drove south a little ways to hit the closest In N Out! Can't pass it up when we're that close. :)

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Chelsea Anne said...

My Dad's side of the family lives in Salt Lake City. I grew up going to Lagoon - I'm glad you and Kenton had fun! :-) It is one of my very favorite places.