Wednesday, September 1, 2010

just one fence

We recently tore down the lovely fence you can see in the above photo. We thought we'd redo it at some point, but immediately realized how much we liked the front of our house without the view being blocked. It has been fun to use the old fence parts for yard/home decor.

We have one section (actually two) leaning against our fence in the backyard. It's just the right amount of worn out to be cute. :)

We also gave a section to Becca for her birthday.

More recently, I cut up a few of the wider boards to make some signs for around the house. The Gathering room for our living room.

Above our laundry closet

In the kids' bathroom

Kenton also helped me put together a bench from the 4x4 posts. He was quite brave in letting me design a bench, but it turned out quite sturdy & is in the perfect spot for watching those funny chickens! :P Maybe I'll paint it some day, but for now I like the chippy paint.

And I now love the view of our house from the street!
Goodbye run down fence...hello cute, re-purposed "stuff"! ;)


Chelsea Anne said...

Katrina, you are so creative! I love all the neat things you did with your fence. :-)

ChaseRR said...

OK, Yeah...I'm definitely gonna have to COPY!! I love how the signs turned out!!! Great job! :0)

Gretchen Ruddick said...

I agree! Those signs are so cute--you are so crafty & creative!

Anonymous said...

very artistic and clever repurposing!
<3 Mom

Sabrina and Tor said...

I'm with the others on this one... the signs were soooo cute! Creative lady you are. :)

Sabrina and Tor said...
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